I might have been a bit ambitious with my dinners this week. I have been doing lots of research about healthy eating and there are so many lovely foodie websites and blogs out there that I want to try all the recipes!

It’s not that the recipes are necessarily very complicated, but when you are trying to make elaborate food as well as:

• Doing some work
• Picking the kid up from school
• Taking said kid to the park, kickboxing, music lessons, Beavers…
• Sitting with same said kid at the toilet because she needs company

It’s a bit of a race against the clock.

I really wanted to try some new recipes this week though so I went for it. I got all my bits and pieces on my Tesco order Sunday night and set bookmarks on the recipes I wanted to try. Ready, steady, cook.

Last week I discovered the lovely Heather Cristo. She prides herself in sharing with her followers recipes for an allergy-free life. With my food plan and Lily’s intolerances she is right up our street.

This is what she thinks of food: “In Heather’s kitchen, she’s not thinking about what her family can’t have, she is just so incredibly inspired by all that they can. There’s a whole lot of delicious out there, after all. And when we all make it into lovely food that loves us back, we’re truly free to savor the wonderfulness of life.”

These are the recipes I tried this week:

Creamy Tomato Baked Chicken and Pasta

This recipe is absolutely lush and Lily loved it. I made the pasta sauce in advance while Lily was at school so that we could stay in the park with friends in the afternoon before going to kickboxing. The only problem with it was that the chicken took about 45 minutes to cook in my oven, not 20. After a full-on kickboxing session and an hour in the park Lily was losing the will to live by the time it was on the table.

To add two cups to my vegetable quota for the day I sautéed some peppers, courgettes, carrots and mange-touts in some coconut oil. It’s well worth making this recipe if you have lots people over for dinner, it’s actually pretty simple if you concentrate only on cooking and it tastes amazing. Winner!

Paleo Sesame Meatball and Cauliflower Rice Bowl

We are big fans of meatballs in our family and these really don’t disappoint. I couldn’t find a red cabbage so I steamed some purple sprouting broccoli instead of the coleslaw and added some carrots to the cauliflower rice. I also used minced turkey instead of chicken and it worked really well. A mix of black and plain sesame seeds make the meatballs look really smart. I will definitely make this one again, when I have a bit more time!


Next week it’s cheese on toast and brinner (breakfast for dinner, it’s awesome by the way!) for everyone! Well…probably not, I can’t help myself!

Feature photo credit: dbreen on pixabay

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